Is A Flatbed Truck Camping System Worth The Investment?

If you wish to purchase a camper, there's a good chance you've looked at RVs, trailers, and other traditional systems. You may also not have been impressed by the available choices. Folks who want an alternative should take a close look at using a flatbed truck camper for these five reasons.


A flatbed truck camping system has significant capacity and hauling capability. The system can be useful if you regularly bring lots of equipment or supplies for a sizable group of campers.

Likewise, your stored equipment and goods will be secure. You can easily lock things up if you and your group decide to go hiking, for example. Not only will this deter theft, but it'll also guards against any possible incursions by animals like bears and raccoons.


Using a flatbed truck as the base package for your camper may be more cost-effective than an RV or a trailer. New and used vehicles are available, and it's usually not difficult for a technician to outfit the system to mount on a truck of your choice. This opens up greater options because you can choose trucks of different sizes and types to maximize durability, fuel economy, and utility.


You can outfit a four-wheel drive as a flatbed truck camper, and the vehicle will be more rugged and capable in rough terrain than alternative forms of transportation. A setup like this is ideal for camping at off-road sites. Especially if you want to get away from the campgrounds where people often crowd together, this sort of flatbed truck camping system offers access to many opportunities.

Ease of Maintenance

Truck campers are typically easy to maintain. They don't have many complex systems, unlike RVs and similarly equipped campers.

You can build your setup with an eye toward ease of maintenance, especially if you plan to travel off-road or far from help. You might want to eliminate the cooking system, for example, and instead rely on campfires for meal preparation. This will eliminate the complexity, costs, and risks associated with carrying bottled natural gas or propane.


A flatbed truck offers exceptional customization. You can add accessories and modifications, including an awning, storage units, and a satellite for TV and internet connectivity. A technician can also provide power outlets to allow you to use small appliances, power tools, and charge your phones. Particularly if you want to live from a flatbed truck camper for prolonged periods, you can achieve greater comfort by extensively customizing the vehicle.

Talk to a supplier to learn more about flatbed truck camping systems